Anchrom in Asia Labex April 2018, Chennai

RN Dr. Narsimhan at stall
Mr. Ramesh Naidu and Dr. Narsimhan at Anchrom stall
Dr. Narsimhan session at Asia labex
Audience at Asia Labex lecture
Dr. Narsimhan presenting
Dr. Narsimhan presenting

Anchrom participated in Asia Labex April 2018, Chennai. Dr. Narsimhan from Asthagiri Foundation and a well know phyto-chemist shared his knowledge on “High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography – Applications” and received a very good response for his lecture.

Anchrom also had a stall space for all three days (19th, 20th and 21st April 2018) of the exhibition to exhibit mainly applications, under the leadership of Mr. Ramesh Naidu, Vice President.  



Presentation at Asthagiri

Mr. Akshay Charegaonkar, Director, Anchrom, visited Asthagiri Herbal Research Foundation in Chennai and was asked to make a presentation on HP-TLC. Asthagiri is our associate and we intend to ramp up this collaboration.

Anchrom’s VCSR

demo to studentsPS giving demo


(On last Saturday, we had many student trainees)

As a part of Anchrom’s VOLUNTARY CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY since 1994, we offer free training to PG students who wish to learn HP-TLC. There is a continuous waiting list for the same.